Advanced Technology to Protect Your Interest

When a consumer is not sure of the authenticity of your product, the key assurance comes from an effective Anti-Counterfeit Solution.

  • Nutritional Supplements

    “Internal fraud is not merely one of the most disheartening forms of piracy; it is also one of the most challenging to combat. For this manufacturer of a highly-respected international brand of nutritional supplements, consumer safety and supply-channel integrity were being undermined by an organised collusion within the company.”

  • Beverages

    “The volume of world-wide sales of vitamin-enhanced “energy” drinks continues to grow, and this client is enjoying the benefits of being a market-leader. With success, however, comes counterfeiting.”

  • Fashion

    “Designer-label clothing and fashion accessories business in China is booming, so are the counterfeit businesses in this industry.  This can be very damaging to the revenues of the Brand Owners.”