For our clients, our mission is to become a trusted partner involved at each step of their business development to make sure that their brand equity remains protected.

To the public, our mission is to become recognized as the symbol of product authenticity and vendor accountability.

Core Competence

We integrate both proprietary and open technologies into anti-counterfeiting solutions tailored to each client’s specific needs.

We don’t merely sell technologies. We join the client in the analysis of the specific nature of their problem with counterfeits, how these are damaging their bottom line, and how an effective solution should be designed and deployed.

Every solution has to account for the specific constraints, needs, and goals of the client.

As a result, our anti-counterfeiting solutions typically bring benefits in many different areas of the client’s organization: from its production processes to its marketing practices and, of course, to its sale performance.


Our company, and its associate company Microseal Technologies are privileged to serve a few corporate clients who are leaders in their own industries.

Our revenue growth, as a result of the growing market demands, has been experiencing exponential growth since 2012.

We strongly believe in Brand Protection, which proves to be what the market is demanding for.