Bespoke Solutions for Designer Problems

Designer-label clothing and fashion accessories business in China is booming.  So are the counterfeit businesses in this industry, which can be very damaging to the revenues of the Brand Owners.

The Issue

The client, a leading European clothing manufacturer, enjoys the distinction of being one of the first internationally-recognized designer clothing brands to enter the Chinese retail market.

As brand-recognition among affluent Chinese grew, so too did the problem of counterfeit merchandise.

But direct sales-losses were not the only problem for this client.

As sales staff was unable to authenticate genuine branded-product, the perception of weak after-sales service makes consumers doubtful of the products.

The Solution

Origins Technologies provided a nano-marker solution that is unique in implementation.

Durable to washing, the nano-markers are injected onto the care-labels, giving the garments a lasting solution to boost consumer confidence.

The Result

Knowledge that authenticity is assured by the existence of custom-designed Origins Technologies solution helps restore consumer confidence, while the anti-counterfeiting solution itself defeats fraud and facilitates the reemergence of the manufacturer’s superior after-market care policies.