Making Sure Your Customers are Drinking the Real Stuff

The volume of world-wide sales of vitamin-enhanced “energy” drinks continues to grow, and this client is enjoying the benefits of being a market-leader in China. With success, however, comes counterfeiting.

The Issue

Counterfeiters use recycled can bodies for the packaging of counterfeit beverage; retailers were generally unable to detect the fraud.

The Solution

Origins Technologies, working directly with the manufacturer’s anti-fraud unit, determined that best solution was a covert technology: the placement on the can of a unique and non-replicable nano-dot. The Origins team then established that the optimal location for the nano-dot was on the pull-tab of the can.  Once the drink is opened, the pull-tab cannot be re-used.

The Result

By covertly placing the unique product-authenticity marker on the pull-tab, the retailers have at their disposal the means to confirm with the manufacturer (via marketplace inspectors) that each can of product is genuine. The manufacturer can also determine quickly and effectively whether pull-tabs brought in for redemption during promotions are authentic. Retailers can now be assured that they are selling genuine product to their customers, and direct losses resulting from the redemption fraud are eliminated entirely. End-users purchasing from authorized vendors can also be confident that they are consuming genuine products, and not some illicit and possibly harmful mixture.  This is indeed an additional brand reputation assurance factor for the manufacturer.