Anti-counterfeit solutions are divided into 2 main categories

An overt solution works because it engages the end-buyer or end-user in the authentication process. It is open, evident, and visible.

A covert solution works because the custom suite of anti-counterfeiting measures are non-transparent to criminals and are known exclusively by authorized persons. Product-duplication is virtually impossible. In the meantime, it also provides manufacturer with efficient method to control supply chain and logistics distribution.

Overall Tracking and Authentication System

Applying Your Customized Solution


The application of the anti-counterfeiting/anti-fraud solutions is integrated into the existing manufacturing process / production lines. Typically the solutions are applied to a part of the product itself or its packaging during the on-line manufacturing process. Origins Technologies can customize and deploy its solutions in full integration with the existing customers’ production lines.

(Ideal for high-volume product throughput).

Non-Automated [Manual]

The anti-counterfeiting/anti-fraud solution is strategically applied to the product’s container or packaging, or to the product itself, by authorized personnel with manual equipment. The application of the solution make take place at an assembly-point, place of manufacturing, packaging site, or other location as deemed appropriate by the manufacturer.

(Ideal for low-volume product throughput)


Some effective strategies are applied to a part of a product in the course of manufacturing that part. Later on these parts are efficiently added to the product in the course of the original manufacturing process. In this fashion the original production process is not altered at all (the anti-counterfeiting/anti-fraud technology is already integrated into one of the product’s component or part).

(Ideal to minimize disruptions to the current customer’s production process)